Phillpotts Dowding

Phillpotts Dowding is a design consultancy, with twin sisters Sophie and Natasha Philpotts-Dowding offering interior and fashion design services.


Focusing on private residences in and around London, the interior projects are given a 1-2-1 approach to ensure each interior is adapted to the client’s daily routine and lifestyle. The interior schemes are drawn from creative dialogues, visuals and showroom visits. To ensure quality, the interiors are procured using well-known and trusted high-quality suppliers from Italy to the UK.


Our fashion embodies class and elegance, whilst implementing sustainable practices by adopting slow fashion with less environmental impact. By adopting slow fashion, we create bespoke designed timeless pieces which are made to last. We are able to offer British, Scottish and Italian cloth in a range of surface patterns to suit any tastes and occasions. From initial design consultation to end product the focus is on the client’s requirements.


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”
- Pablo Picasso

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